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#178 – GamerGate

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Why Even Bother Being a Liberal Christian?


The Biology of Good and Evil – Sam Harris

Source: The Biology of Good and Evil

#177 – Psychic Adventures

Source: #177 – Psychic Adventures

Incredible views of Mercury passing in front of the Sun


National Review pronounces the death of New Atheism

Why Evolution Is True

 National Review, founded in 1955 by William F. Buckley, Jr., was a widely read magazine—probably the most important such organ for American conservatives. It has an online version, and I really should be reading it (all of us should read at least one site or magazine that opposes our own philosophy); it came to my attention only when it took out after me for my views on infant euthanasia.

Now, in a section called “The Corner”, which Wikipedia characterizes as representing “a select group of the site’s editors and affiliated writers”, there’s an interesting atheist-bashing piece,”What ever happened to the New Atheists?“, that makes three points, two of them half right and one dead wrong. Total evaluation: 1/3, or 33%, correct. Here are their points (in bold) and below them my responses; the article’s quotes are indented in my discussion:

1.) New Atheism is dead since it’s…

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Ocean researchers discover HUGE metal structure under the BALTIC SEA—said to be 140,000 years old