The Concorde made its final flight 16 years ago and supersonic air travel has yet to recover — here’s a look back at its awesome history


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Paul McCartney on how he wrote some of his hits

The Beatles were undoubtedly the greatest pop band ever!

Why Evolution Is True

As usual, YouTube is a black hole, for when I watch one video, a bunch of other ones “recommended for you” pop up on the right side. And how well they know me! Yesterday this 27-minute video of Paul McCartney appeared, and I had no choice but to click on it.

It’s a fascinating soliloquy by McCartney on how he (with John Lennon, of course) wrote some of the biggest hits of his career,  including mostly Beatles songs but a few solo songs. They include  I Lost My Little Girl, Yesterday, I Saw Her Standing There, And I Love Her, Eleanor Rigby, A Day in the Life, Hey Jude, Helter Skelter, Blackbird, Let It Be, Hi Hi Hi, Here Today, Jet and I Don’t Know.

Since the Beatles are the greatest rock group of all time, and I brook no dissent on this issue, you might enjoy it, too. If…

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The 5 Most Powerful Words in the English Language

You could instantly tell that this new and free information is valuable because I will definitely be using it on my blog.

The Art of Blogging

If you think about it, writing is just like building a house. You need the right tools, the right equipment, the right set of skills.

You need to first have a design, to follow a blueprint. Then you build your house. Brick by brick. Word by word.

And there are certain words that hold more sway over us than others. You might be surprised to find that these “power words” don’t seem … well, all that powerful.

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Out With The Old, in With The New? Analysing the Apparent “New Covenant”

Good work Dave. Very thorough.

D. M. Spence

Anyone who knows anythingabout Judaism and Christianity will know that perhaps other than the notion of whether Jesus is the Messiah, arguably one of the most divisive differences between these two religions is the whether Christians are bound by what they call the “Old Covenant.” If you ask most Christians, they will be very quick to point out that the so-called Old Covenant was abolished and has been superseded by the apparently New Covenant and that’s the end of that! So Christians don’t have to follow the 613 laws (but apparently love 10 of them) found in the Jewish Bible. So when atheists point out that Christians do many things which are prohibited in the Bible like mixing fabrics (Lev 19:19) or eating shellfish (Lev 11:10–12) and pork (Lev 11:7–8), Christians often turn around and say “you’re an idiot, that was the Old Covenant and this has been replaced by…

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