The Trinity IS NOT Found in the Old Testament

D. M. Spence

After the ‘success‘ of her last post, ‘proving’ that Jesus is the angel of the Lord by providing precisely 0 quotes to support her case, SJ Thomason tries her hand at exegesis again by trying to claim that the Christian doctrine of the Trinity is found in the Jewish Scriptures. So let’s see what she has to say to support the view that the Trinity is found in the Bible:

“The Trinity of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is not explicitly revealed as a “Trinity” in the Bible…”

Ah… That’s not a great start! But at least she is being honest and something I actually agree with: the Trinity is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible. It was not until the end of the 2nd centurythat the word Trinity was even uttered [1] and at this time, the majority of…

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Sarah Jeong redux

Why Evolution Is True

I won’t reprise the posts I’ve written about Sarah Jeong, who was hired by the New York Times as its tech editor despite a long history of racism, misandry, and other bizarre behavior on social media (go here for a list). Despite a different hire being fired immediately by the Times for similar transgressions, Jeong was apparently considered a member of an oppressed minority—despite having gone to Berkeley and Harvard Law School—because she was of Korean descent.

The hypocrisy of this is exacerbated when you realize that not only did her paper defend her racist tweets as the result of other people’s attacks on her for being an Asian woman (that defense is not credible), but also that other venues, like Fortune, The New Yorker, and Vox, also excused her racism and bigotry. (For a critique you’ll have to read Andrew Sullivan in New York Magazine.)…

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Politics as religion: Bill Maher’s latest bit

Why Evolution Is True

Reader Timothy called my attention to Bill Maher’s latest monologue, delivered on the tenth anniversary of Maher’s movie “Religulous”.  His bit about Kim Jong-il not needing to defecate, and the offhand comment about it, are precious. So is Maher’s take on “Trump’s Ten Commandments.”

In fact, it’s all great, and I realized that as well as having congenial views about The Donald and religion, Maher also has impeccable comic timing.

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Why religion is bad for society.

A woman in India is beaten and berated by police for having a relationship with a Muslim man.

This is why ALL religions are at their core bad for society.

They are the antithesis of freedom and HUMAN RIGHTS.

They just want to control your life, tell you what to do, what to eat, what to wear, and even who to marry.

It’s all about control.   🤬🖕🏼

More on the actual / potential infinite


0. Introduction

One of the premises of the Kalam Cosmological Argument (KCA) is that the universe began to exist. There are two types of defence for this premise; scientific and philosophical. In the latter category, there is one argument in particular that I want to focus on, which Craig calls the ‘argument from the impossibility of an actual infinite’.

The argument runs like this:

  1. An actual infinite cannot exist
  2. An infinite temporal regress of events is an actual infinite
  3. Therefore, an infinite temporal regress of events cannot exist

Craig holds that the past had a beginning, but also that the future has no end (presumably due to his beliefs about the afterlife). This invites the following objection, which has been made in the literature by Wes Morriston (here). We seem to be able to formulate a symmetrical argument which should conclude that the future has an end point:

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