Richard Carrier and logic – UseOfReason

0. Introduction In this post, I’m going to look a bit more at Richard Carrier’s paper Moral Facts Naturally Exist, featured in the book The End of Christianity. In this post, I’m …

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Biting the Hand That Feeds You – Those Who Oppose The Green Revolution – Myles Power

I am lucky enough to live in a part of the world in a time where I would have to go out of my way to experience the physical sensation of hunger. It is a luxury that few in history have had, and on…

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How Have Young-Earth Creationists Responded to Feathered Dinosaurs?

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Naturalis Historia

In 2016 fossilized remains of feathers attached to a bony tail preserved in a 99 million year old amber fossil captured international attention. This wasn’t the first time that feathers have been found in amber but earlier feather discoveries were of feathers by themselves. This time unmistakable feathers were found attached to a structure which was identified as the tail of a small dinosaur.  These were clearly feathers, however, they are morphologically distinct from the feathers of birds alive today and lack many specific characteristics of flight feathers.


It was a wonderful discovery and probably just the first of many future discoveries. Feathers are very scarce in the fossil record. They decay easily and even when preserved they are preserved without enough detail to reveal to us much about them.  For many years is was assumed that all dinosaurs had skin much like reptiles alive today. But it seems this…

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Sam Harris not getting an ought from an is


Sam Harris recently made a series of Tweets which, he claimed, showed how to get an ‘ought’ from an ‘is’. Here they are:

  1. Let’s assume that there are no ought’s or should’s in this universe. There is only what *is*—the totality of actual (and possible) facts.
  2. Among the myriad things that exist are conscious minds, susceptible to a vast range of actual (and possible) experiences
  3. Unfortunately, many experiences suck. And they don’t just suck as a matter of cultural convention or personal bias—they really and truly suck. (If you doubt this, place your hand on a hot stove and report back.)
  4. Conscious minds are natural phenomena. Consequently, if we were to learn everything there is to know about physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, economics, etc., we would know everything there is to know about making our corner of the universe suck less.
  5. If we *should* to do anything in this life…

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Source: CAR CRASH PAGE on Instagram: “Another #GAMES went wrong… 📽 @julitzacarranza thanks to @s_girgiss Follow @crashcams & don’t be this…”