The Matt Slick Fallacy

Slick’s TAG Totally Debunked.


  1. 0. Introduction. Matt Slick; evangelical Calvinist, radio presenter, apologist. He has made something of a name for himself by promoting a version of the ‘transcendental argument for the existence of God’. His version is one of the easiest to refute that I have come across. However, in all the debates and online discussions I’ve seen Slick engage in, and to be sure he engages in a lot, I have never seen anyone offer what I consider to be the correct refutation. So I will present it here.

    His argument was given on his radio-show/podcast, on 17th December, 2015, in an episode entitled ‘A Proof of God’. In fact only the last 14 mins of the show are dedicated to this topic, when Slick is prompted by a caller – ‘Hollywood dude’. I will use that version as a foil. Here is the link it on his official ‘CARM’ podcast…

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2 thoughts on “The Matt Slick Fallacy

  1. It was a crisis for me when my father was having a seizure after a stroke in the emergency room but every nurse on staff was needed because a gang of 12 illegal Columbians had come to ER all bloodied up and beaten after a fight. The nurse told me this happens AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK and there’s nothing they can do about it. My father was a WWII vet who paid his taxes and never broke a law or asked anyone for anything and there he was lying there without even a sheet on him, shaking and moaning and no one could attend to him for 30 minutes because a worthless bunch of criminals decided to cause trouble. And guess who pays for their medical care? You and me. Yes, there are very bad illegals that come to this country. There are also good people, I get that. But the laws need to be enforced so that we can get the bad ones out. I don’t think that’s a unreasonable position.

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