Ann Coulter banned at Berkeley

Deplatforming is wrong.

Why Evolution Is True

I’ve always despised the conservative commentator Ann Coulter, especially for writing a book that largely made fun of those who accept evolution. In fact, I wrote a satirical piece for the New Republic excoriating her dumb anti-evolution book Godless (my piece, called “Coultergeist“, is free online).

But I’m also for free speech, which trumps (pardon the word) the perceived offensiveness of a speaker’s ideas. So I have big-time objections to the University of California’s canceling of Coulter’s speech at Berekeley planned for April 27—due to, as the Washington Post reports, “safety concerns”:

In a letter to a campus Republican group that invited Coulter to speak [Young America’s Foundation], university officials said Wednesday that they made the decision to cancel Coulter’s appearance after assessing the violence that flared on campus in February, when the same college Republican group invited right-wing provocateur and now-former Breitbart News senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos to…

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