Anglicans Round Two (Or: R.I.P. – Retire in Peace)

It’s nor just the Catholic Church that are hypocrites and liars.

Ten years ago, two Anglican clergymen, frustrated by internal inaction, went public with claims of up to 200 sexual abuse cases by Adelaide Anglican Church officials. One of the abusers, church youth leader, Bob Brandenburg, confessed to his crimes. He committed suicide on the day his trial was to be held. At the time of the allegations, Brandenburg was reportedly connected to the suburban Magill parish in Adelaide and Dr Phillip Aspinall  (now Anglican Primate for Australia) was assistant archbishop to Archbishop Ian George for the Adelaide diocese.

Another case involved the Rev. Colin Mountford, the chaplain at Adelaide’s most prestigious Boy’s school, St. Peter’s College. Mountford fled Australia after reportedly admitting to the college’s headmaster in June 1992 that he had sexually assaulted a 14-year old male student. Mountford  has claimed that he was told at the time by the Adelaide Archbishop, Ian George, to flee the country or…

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4 thoughts on “Anglicans Round Two (Or: R.I.P. – Retire in Peace)

  1. The Anglican Church of England boys society has damaged many ppl ,, anything on park orchards ,, Barry Watson , the Church of England boys society youth group leader who molested every member of the youth group no doubt

    Cebs was a pedophile. Ring ,, every state had reports of child abuse , Watson was part of a pedophile ring

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