President Trump Reveals The Alternative facts About Clean Coal

Trump must really believe his own bullshit. 🐂💩
“Clean coal” My ass. 🖕


President Trump will  make America surpass China in coal use

The dirty American coal industry was in decline until this week when President Trump enacted policy to support clean coal.  What clean coal is has been a secret until today when President Trump revealed the details.

trump-clean-coal Clean coal is fun, safe and clean.

   “Clean Coal, to be honest, is coal that is incredibly clean, hugely clean, and believe me, I will create a tremendous amount of jobs for Americans with Clean Coal.”

“I understand how it works better than anyone and believe me it does not pollute, does not pollute like that nasty coal in China.”

“Folks, everyone in America can benefit greatly from my  Clean Coal programs, believe me”.

“And don’t be fooled by the media liars who say coal is dirty.”

“They have been fooled by the Chinese and their Global warning stories”   

real-coalPresident Trump will…

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