This is the document that says Australia’s Deputy PM has dual citizenship…

William Summers

The bizarre Section 44 controversy has already claimed a few victims and there will no doubt be more to come. One name that has been surprisingly absent from the discussion – until today – is that of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, whose father was from New Zealand.

After I flagged up the possibility of ‘citizenship by descent’ for Barnaby Joyce (and One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts) over a week ago, The Australianhas finally cottoned onto it today, including a response from Joyce:

Mr Joyce’s spokesman said he was not a dual citizen and had establis­hed that “many years prior to entering parliament”.

The NZDepartment of Internal Affairs­ (DIA) seems to back him up, apparently telling the newspaper that a child born in Aust­ralia to a NZ parent needs to ‘apply’ to be a citizen by descent.

Here’s the problem – both Joyce and the spokesperson from NZ…

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