The amazing bird-murdering praying mantis

Fascinating nature. 🦂

Why Evolution Is True

First, a note. Over the years, lots of readers have spelled the animal at issue this way “preying mantis.” That’s an easy mistake to make, for they are fierce predators. But the true term is praying mantis, clearly taken from the position of its forelegs. So next time you write it, just remember how it looks.

Natalie Angier’s science articles in the New York Times are always good reads, as she has an eye not only for a good story, but also for lively prose. You can see both of these on display in the week-old article below—click on screenshot to get to it—largely about the increasing documentation of praying mantises eating birds. You may have heard about their hanging around hummingbird feeders, where they capture the little buzzers and eat them, but it’s not just hummingbirds:

James V. Remsen of the Museum of Natural Science at Louisiana State…

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