Fine tuning, and divine attributes


0. Introduction

I’ve been thinking a lot about fine tuning recently. One way the fine tuning argument (FTA) is presented is by Robin Collins. He writes a lot about fine-tuning, and sometimes the argument is presented differently. Sometimes the idea is that the probability of fine-tuning is low on naturalism, but not low on theism. That version of the argument is presented here (we will come back to it later). Alternatively, the idea is that given fine-tuning, the probability of a life-permitting universe (LPU) is more likely given theism than given naturalism. I am going to look at an example of the second version of the argument in this post. You can see it being elaborated here.

Collins says that the ‘core’ fine-tuning argument is that:

“given the fine-tuning evidence, LPU strongly supports T over the NSU [naturalised single universe]” (p. 205).

The ‘fine-tuning evidence’ he refers to…

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