An apologist says that Islam is the best way to prevent sexual abuse

Why Evolution Is True

In the panoply of “this must be a joke but isn’t” articles, here’s one from the new Independent (click on screenshot to go there). The author, Qasim Rashid, is identified as “an attorney, author, and national spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA.”

I was of course startled to read this, as the tenets of Islam as it’s practiced in some places would seem to promote sexual abuse (not necessarily rape, but beatings, mistreatment and spousal rape), particularly in the institutionalized denigration of women, the stipulation that they cover themselves to avoid enticing men, the prevention of women from getting jobs and their assignment to domestic roles, and so on. What teachings of Islam would prevent sexual abuse?

It turns out that Rashid, a Muslim apologist, is of course simply using his faith to hitchhike on the Harvey Weinstein scandal.  And by “teachings of Islam,” what he means is “what…

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