Earth’s Curvature and Battleship Gunnery | Math Encounters Blog

I must admit that I am a bit of a battleship junkie. I have been reading some old US Navy manuals on battleship fire control, which discuss the various effects that must be corrected for to ensure … Source: Earth’s Curvature and Battleship Gunnery | Math Encounters Blog

Bluetooth Net Monitor – Zak’s Electronics Blog ~*

A newer version of the Bluetooth network monitor can be read about here, but I’d recommend carrying on reading this post first. Whenever I want to see why a download is going a little slow or getting lag on an online game I’d have to log in to my routers web page or SSH inContinue reading “Bluetooth Net Monitor – Zak’s Electronics Blog ~*”

THMG143 – The Periodic Table, Part I – The Hazmat Guys

In this episode, Mike and Bob explore the periodic table of elements to give you the foundational knowledge you need to work smarter. Thank to our sponsors – CBRNE Convergence World 2018, FLIR, and First Line Technology. Our hazardous materials training manual, National Emergency Response Hazmat Drills: 50 Drills for Use with Hazardous Materials Personnel,Continue reading “THMG143 – The Periodic Table, Part I – The Hazmat Guys”