Hawaii: Day 1

“Da Jesus Book” is hilarious. I can’t believe it’s real. I shouldn’t laugh though, Pidgin is supposed to be a “real” language, right?

Thanks for sharing.

Why Evolution Is True

I am on Oahu, the most touristed of the Hawaiian Islands, but there is also great beauty here: beaches, lovely mountains, waterfalls, and, of course, food. It is the island in red on the map below. (The island of “Hawaii” proper, to the extreme right is known as “The Big Island”).

They are all in a series of volcanic islands created as the continental plate moved over a hotspot from southeast to northwest, so that each island was a volcano that became quiescent and then began to erode away. There are underwater islands in the chain to the northwest, and a new island, still underwater, is forming to the southeast of the Big Island.

Here’s a topographic map of Oahu, with an area of 596.7 square miles (1,545.4 km2), and a population of about one million. The island has two mountain chains, volcanic in origin, which lie to…

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