The Omnipotence Paradox… SERIOUSLY AGAIN?!?!?

D. M. Spence

If you have been following my channel on YouTube for any amount of time, you will have seen that I have an issue with the defence of the omnipotence paradox that theists often rely upon. For example, see D-Slapping… derezzed83 (Re: What Omnipotence Paradox?) and The Omnipotence Paradox… IT’S NOT THAT DIFFICULT. As I explained in my last couple of videos I made on the subject, I went through the fact that the problem with the theist’s reasoning is that they seem to rely on this line of reasoning.
P1) God exists

P2) The proposition “God exists” means, that there exists some entity which has, as part of its a nature the traits of omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence

P3) If an entity is omnipotent, then such a being can do everything which is logically possible

P4) God is omnipotent

C1) Therefore, God can do everything which is logically possible


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