Windows 10 Fingerprint Sensor Stopped Working.

Windows Hello Problem.

This morning after a restart, I found I could not use my fingerprint to sign in to Windows 10. After signing in with my PIN I opened Settings => Accounts => Sign-in options and discovered Windows Hello Fingerprint had a message that it could not find a fingerprint sensor (or something similar to that).

So after trying a few things, nothing seemed to work, so I went Googling. The first website I found looked very promising.

How to Fix Fingerprint Login Problem in Windows 10

It had at least 5 different possible solutions on offer, most I was familiar with, and one I was not. The command line sfc /scannow command.

This actually found some errors so I felt optimistic.


However after running the next command to fix the errors:

dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth 

and then restarting the PC, the problem persisted. Looking through the event log was a fruitless effort, since it wasn’t very clear what I was supposed to be looking for anyway.

So the only other thing I could think of was an update, Not a driver update per se but Windows security updates. Just enter upd… into the search bar in the settings app and select check for updates. After only a short while the updates were downloaded and I restarted. To my unexpected surprise, the fingerprint option was there and it read my print and worked immediately.  Checking device manage showed that the driver was once again back.

fingerprint fp sensor

So what caused the problem in the first place. I couldn’t say for sure, but there was a small update a couple of days ago and I hadn’t turned of my computer since that time and therefore hadn’t needed to sign in since. Had this corrupted the driver and the last update fixed it? Maybe.

As you can see below, running that command again shows no errors now. At least that may prevent other mysterious problems in the future.

sfc new

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